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Michael Hall- Owner, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, Dallas, Texas

Michael Hall, owner

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Michael’s Testimonials


Michael’s Testimonials

Michael Hall is the “real deal.” He is the most professional fitness trainer I’ve ever come across. He understands aerobic exercise, resistance training and nutritional discipline, and uses them all together to help his clients achieve their individual fitness goals. Perhaps most importantly, he appreciates both the potential and the limits of each individual’s body. In the nearly seven years that I have been working with Michael, I’ve gained strength, lost weight and improved my overall conditioning.

Gary L., 60 years old
CEO, Media Technology Company

I have been working with Michael for more than 7 years, and I feel like this is the best thing I could do for myself. I am 77 years young!

Nelwyn S., 81 years old

You will not find a better trainer in the Dallas/Uptown area. Michael is so professional and helpful. He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of training and athletics. Not only that, but different levels of fitness as well. I came to Michael already having worked with other trainers, and I had an established base of athleticism. He pushed me to the next level, and I could not have been more pleased. He is always on time and puts his clients’ needs first. You will not be disappointed. He is a real trainer, and he has years of experience, unlike many other trainers in the area.

Rowana M., 40 yrs. old
Dental Hygienist & mother of two, still rocking skinny jeans!

Michael has been my trainer for 6 plus years. During those years I’ve seen dramatic changes in my strength, endurance, and the look of my body. This has led to more confidence and an overall sense of well-being. Training with Michael goes beyond working out with weights for one hour. He integrates a plan based on each individual to meet their specific needs. During one’s training he is educating about “why” you are working out with specific exercises, how they affect one’s body, diet, and the mental aspects that the exercises will have on you. These attributes along with his positive and caring nature make for the best training program I’ve ever experienced. At this point I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my whole life and I thank Michael for being the biggest part of that.

Chad C., 44 yrs. old
DNP- Mental Health

I really enjoy the training sessions with Michael. Michael lowers the intensity of the workouts for those that work full-time and are tired in the evening. This makes me more likely to attend when I am tired and leaves me re-energized afterwards. We can always count on Michael to care about our personal welfare and as a resource for health information. Michael also likes to provide motivational support and friendly reminders for healthy lifestyle behaviors. I have noticed noticeable improvements in my fitness and muscle tone after working out with Michael regularly and intend to continue training as long as possible.

Maria F., 35 yrs. old
Research Associate

I quickly lost over 60 pounds training with Michael. I have continued to train with him for four years now, and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of our sessions. Unlike so many trainers, Michael is very dependable, knowledgeable and caring, and he has highly effective workouts. I cannot thank him enough for helping me build my dream body.

Helen P., 39 years old
Consumer Products Account Manager

Despite decades of competitive athletics, my training experiences with Michael Hall have been very helpful. He has shown me many new aspects of my physical self of which I was previously unaware. Years of training can get you into bad habits that only a second set of eyes can see, plus without new input, evaluation, and exercises, the old routine can get boring and difficult to maintain. I have seen him help everyone from absolute beginners to experienced athletes with the common thread being results. I would strongly recommend him as a personal trainer who truly personalizes your program to fit you and your goals.

Robert T., 56 years old
VP- Investment Banker

Michael has been the most important part of my fitness program over the past year. Most trainers provide workout routines. Michael educates you while you workout. He crafts fitness plans that are tailored specifically for you, your body and your lifestyle. Not only have my workouts improved during my training sessions with Michael, he has also given me the tools to workout efficiently and effectively on my own. The results I have seen in one year are amazing and Michael deserves all of the credit.

Ben G., 38 years old
Advertising Executive

Michael Hall has taken a personal and individual approach to my workout needs since 2000. His dedication for my well-being and training around my busy work schedule has lead to a better quality of life. Thanks Michael!

Andrew G., 44 years old
VP- Consumer Credit Risk

I have been training with Michael for over 5 years now. Within the first 6 months of working out with him I lost 30lbs. He also trained me throughout my pregnancy and helped me maintain a healthy weight the entire time. He has been such a great support for me and keeps me motivated even when Im exhausted from chasing after a toddler. I am a forever client with him and can’t recommend him enough. .

Sarah S., 34 years old
Public Relations



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